HYCIDE explores the roles we
create for ourselves and those
created for us, challenging the
status quo while bearing witness
to the feared, neglected
and misunderstood.

Our Mission:
Stories of survival and freedom.
No judgment.


Words by Peter Asebiomo | Images by Akintola Hanif


At age 12, Nyeesha Williams was sexually assaulted twice on the same day. The crimes were separate, each involving a different relative from her stepfather’s family on a visit to South Carolina. “I was traumatized, I couldn’t even admit to myself what had happened,” Williams remembers.

Her denial persisted until she was 17. During a stop at the supermarket, she grew convinced that one of her attackers was in a nearby aisle. Although she couldn’t see him, she could smell his scent hovering nearby. “I panicked—ran to the car and broke down.” she says.

The experience awakened memories that were dormant for five years. After Williams came to terms with her assault, she was determined to never again be a victim but an agent of change. Now 30-years-old and a resident of California, Williams has spent a significant portion of her adulthood trying to help girls become stronger and find their voice. READ MORE